What is Catapult?

Catapult space

Catapult is a coworking community of independent workers with an awesome space in the heart of Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville. We are designers, developers, writers, entrepreneurs, comedians, and creatives of all types. Stop by sometime.

Why cowork?

Sure, maybe you've got an extra bedroom for your home office, or maybe you are perfectly happy working from your local coffee shop. Same here! But guess what? Coworking works, and here's why:


Are you a writer looking for work? Need a web designer? Well, talk to the designer next to you! Or post to our Google Group and chances are someone in the space will send you a referral.


According to surveys, coworkers report being 75% more productive than in their previous work spaces. With no kids, TV, or cleaning to be done, you can focus on what you need to do. And, of course, participate in some productive banter along the way.

Legit Meeting Space

You can't meet with clients in your living room, and coffee shops have sub-par internet, no projector or whiteboards, and are noisy! Wouldn't it be awesome to have all of these things and swanky conference room?

Take yourself seriously

Let's face it. Working in your underwear is way overrated. You are better than that!

Aren't convinced? Check out these 8 reasons to join a coworking space and some stats via the 2012 Global Coworking Survey.

Why Catapult?

Among the coolest folks in the Burgh, we've got lots of perks:

Awesome location

Smack dab in the middle of Lawrenceville, 5000 sq. feet, and free parking to boot.

Open Device Lab

That's right designers and developers - come test your sites on a plethora of different devices! Swing by anytime between 9AM and 5PM to use the lab. Huge thanks to Brad Frost and the Pittsburgh web community for making this happen.

Open Device Lab
Delicious Coffee

We take coffee very seriously - needless to say, our Chemex gets quite a workout.

Coffee at Catapult
Business Address

C'mon, that's pretty pro.

24 hr Access

You like to work at 2am? Go for it.


Seriously, we have a kegerator. No big deal.

Conference Room

A well lit sizeable conference room complete with whiteboards and a projector.

Conference Room

Dishwasher, fridge, microwave, and all!

Friendly faces

Just look at our receptionist!

Catapult's Receptionist

Catapult Community

“Our no. 1 resource isn’t our square footage, it’s the relationships and connections between our members.”
- Alex Hillman, founder of Indy Hall

That quote says it all. Sure, a conference room, fast internet, and coffee are all valid reasons to join a coworking space, but at the end of the day it's the people. We've got good ones.

What Catapult Isn't

Just to clarify, Catapult is...

NOT an incubator

Of course, we welcome startups with opening arms. But unlike other coworking spaces in Pittsburgh, Catapult does not double as an incubator. We are simply a community of independents who choose to work together.

NOT Boring Office Space

We do have a few offices to rent, but we aren't an office space. Offices are boring, antisocial, and suffocating - the antithesis of coworking. We do have some cubes around for fun though. Feel free to vandalize them.


Come hang out any weekday and meet some members. If you'd like to use the space beyond the day, we have a few desk and office options:

Part-Time Membership $50/mo

Get a key and sit wherever you like.

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Full-Time Membership $150/mo

Pick a desk and set up shop. Bring a monitor, desktop computer, and clutter it up to your heart's content. Well, within reason.

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Day Pass $10/day

That's, like, two lattes.

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